Andreu World Pure Coffee Table - 34cm x 90cm x 90cm - Beige

Andreu World Pure Coffee Table - 34cm x 90cm x 90cm - Beige Zoom / More Info

Pure is a complete and innovate program of clean lined, highly-resistant tables in which the designer Joan Lao has focused on a new concept of design in order to offer a timeless, easily understood product.

Pure is based on the idea of a sheet of paper that is folded in order to give form to its structure.

The top and the legs are formed by the bending of the material from which the table is made: 100pct recyclable aluminum.

The result is a very lightweight table, unique, innovative and which stands out for its simple, natural lines.

Simultaneously robust and delicate, Pure can be installed in any interior or exterior space, thanks to a neutral, organic architecture that enables its integration into classical, contemporary, urban, rustic, household and office settings.

Its production from aluminum sheet enables multiple versions of the same product, from small formats to large tables of up to 280 x 110cm, which offer a high degree of resistance without any surface


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